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MS Access Utilities & Tools: MS Access is home to several applications globally. It offers flexibility and is an excellent option to users who often:

It is well known that the longer the duration of an IT application development project the greater the chances of failure. In the time it takes to complete the elaborate business analysis, we are able to develop a prototype of the application.

A client once told us “we believe we own the world’s largest MS Access database with the most complex relationship tables”. This has not been confirmed in the Guinness Book of Records. And so whether this is a myth or not we will never know.

At Sunram, MS Access is no kid stuff ! We have several person years of experience in developing and maintaining complex MS Access applications. We have a detailed understanding of the code and the nuances of  programming in MS Access. We have also developed several proprietary utilities and tools that enhance the capabilities of MS Access. Our experience extends to several domain areas:

Oil Industry:




Facility Information Management System (FIMS):